Fact Checker Proves School Shooting Statistic Wrong

At first pundits and the media reported that the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was among almost 20 so far this year, then came the rest of the story. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, which claimed 17 and shocked the nation, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group tweeted, “This is […]

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What To Know Before Buying Smart-Beta Funds

During a MarketWatch panel on smart-beta earlier this year, a variety of issues were discussed regarding smart beta. Two of the issues I discussed warrant further explanation: active fees and portfolio construction. Active fee Investors can purchase U.S. equity ETFs (i.e. the S&P) for very little — 3 to 5 basis points. The minute an […]

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Tips and Tricks For The Subnose Revolver

Last summer I was riding as a passenger in a friend’s pickup when we observed a sedan veer off the highway and collide with a guardrail. I told the driver to make a U-turn so we could check on the sedan’s occupants. Once my friend turned the pickup and approached the collision, both occupants had […]

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