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Lost Words of Jesus Stun Christians (Not in the Bible!)

Lost Words of Jesus Stun Christians (Not in the Bible!) By Jason Farrell Biblical Health Researcher, Laissez Faire   Biblical scholars are calling it “one of the most extraordinary archaeological discoveries in the ancient world.” An ancient scroll was found in the desert near Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It is said to contain long-lost teachings of […]

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Trump Just Exposed this U.S. Debt Secret

Trump Just Said Something about the U.S. Debt that Nobody Wants to Say… And It’s Got Some Americans Very, Very Worried… Our nation’s president-elect is a businessman who understands debt. In fact, he calls himself “The King of Debt.” So when he talks about the mountain of U.S. debt (currently over $19 trillion!) it pays […]

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BREAKING: Alzheimer’s Mystery Finally Solved?

  This report – leaked online on an “underground website — details what could be the biggest breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research in over 100 years. It’s an almost miraculous treatment one world famous doctor called a “brain health miracle.” But if the author’s right, big pharma won’t tell you about this breakthrough. And neither will […]

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