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What To Know Before Buying Smart-Beta Funds

During a MarketWatch panel on smart-beta earlier this year, a variety of issues were discussed regarding smart beta. Two of the issues I discussed warrant further explanation: active fees and portfolio construction. Active fee Investors can purchase U.S. equity ETFs (i.e. the S&P) for very little — 3 to 5 basis points. The minute an […]

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7 Smart Ways to Lower Your Taxable Income

Reducing your taxable income is one of the most effective ways to lower your taxes, with some moves doing double duty as both deductions themselves and as a means to slide under income thresholds at which other taxes would kick in. What’s more, the prospect of tax reform via Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress, […]

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Investors Push Gold Eagle Sales To Record High

Investment demand for Gold Eagles surged during the last day in November pushing sales to a new monthly record. Not only did Gold Eagle sales for November reach a new record high for the year, it surpassed sales during the same month last year by 52%. It seems as if investors are once again taking […]

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Gold Bounces Back From 5 1/2 Month Low After Trump’s Win

Gold rebounded on Monday from 5-1/2 month lows as the dollar shed some of the hefty gains made the previous week on bets that U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s plans for fiscal stimulus would prove inflationary. Those assumptions have driven Treasury yields higher, denting interest in non-yielding bullion while boosting the U.S. currency. But as the […]

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5 False Reasons the Gold Standard Died

I SAID once that the “gold standard guys are their own worst enemies,” writes Nathan Lewis at New World Economics in this item originally appearing at It’s not really a good idea to continue along in this fashion, being your own worst enemy, like some archaic ritual – not if we want a functioning […]

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