Leading Gold Forecaster Has Big News

When it comes to market forecasters, few people can match the track record of Gerald Celente. Celente has accurately predicted several major movements in more than a few economic segments, including the last three significant market downturns.

Celente has done more than predict crashes though. He’s had plenty of success calling spikes in the market too, especially the gold market.

Now he’s coming out with a big prediction for the future of gold, and it’s getting a lot of people to reconsider how much they’re investing in precious metals.

After you hear what he has to say, you might be looking to buy more yourself.

Gold Silver Central has Celente’s analysis:

Trend Forecast: While eight years of massive global central-bank quantitative easing and low-interest rate/cheap-money schemes have boosted equity markets, dismal Gross Domestic Product, wage and productivity data prove central-bank policies have failed to generate true economic growth. Thus we maintain our forecast for equity market volatility and a strong bull market for gold when prices stabilize above $1,400 per ounce

If Celente is right, it would make a lot of sense to get your gold investments figured out sooner rather than later. Those who act on this info will likely be glad they did!

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