Open Carry Texas responds to accusation of racism

I’m not sure how many of you have watched the video series that was recently released on Youtube called Guns Up Texas. It’s a four-part series of short documentaries that reports on gun culture in the state of Texas. The videos are produced by Rated Red, which is part of AOL-HuffPost Entertainment.

In episode one, one of the hosts, Jeff Winkler, meets with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club in Austin, Texas. This is a club of predominantly African American gun owners who stage public armed protests to encourage responsible African American gun ownership, as well as bring attention to issues related to racism and discrimination.

Prior to meeting with the group, Winkler makes the following statement in his voice over: “The history of US gun laws is pretty racist. Second Amendment groups like Open Carry Texas and the NRA have never been exactly welcoming to minorities.” has reported on Open Carry Texas in the past, and I personally spent time in Austin, Texas with the founder of group, CJ Grisham. I was troubled by Winkler’s accusation that Grisham’s group is racially biased. I wanted to get to the bottom of it, and so I reached out to Grisham by email to ask if he’d seen the video. He said he had, and that he had already called out the accusations as “flat out slander” in the comments section below the video on Youtube. Grisham also blasted Rated Red for not even reaching out to his group for an interview.

Grisham agreed to respond to some questions related to the accusation as well as the general inclusion of minorities in gun groups and gun culture.


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