Proven Gold Forecaster Makes Surprising Prediction Every Investor Should Hear

As the year of 2015 draws to a close, there are a lot of differing opinions about where the gold market is headed. With so many different voices trying to accurately forecast future movement in the gold market, it can be extremely difficult for investors to decide on a strategy moving forward. However, the best way to discern the legitimacy of a forecast is to verify the track record of its source.

To that end, one well-proven gold forecaster has very exciting news for investors.

His name is Jeff Christian, and he’s had several successful predictions which have provided significant profit for those who followed his advice.

Christian’s latest prediction is that the gold market is poised to experience a notable uptick, and his justification for that position is rather compelling.

Financial Sense explains:

Uncertainty surrounding upcoming elections in the US, record levels of short positions on metals exchanges, and concerns over a worsening financial and economic environment may lead to a moderate move higher in the price of gold in 2016 and beyond, CPM Group’s Jeff Christian recently told Financial Sense Newshour in a lengthy podcast interview.

Though Christian is widely hated by many in the gold bug community for his steadfast arguments against “gold manipulation”, as many still allege, his track-record has been far more accurate compared to other gold commentators.

Given that a large portion of trading is done by computer generated trading models following momentum, Christian now sees a record and growing number of short positions on gold and silver in the futures market that will be difficult to sustain moving forward.

“At some point those computers tell investors to lighten up and when they do, they don’t leave the commodities market—they go long,” said Christian, “so we think there could be a boomerang effect on the price as this record amount of short open interest—a large portion of it—flips to the long side.”

What do you think? Could Christian be right about this long-term upward trend in the gold market? What are your plans for gold investments in the coming year?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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