Rare Home Invasion Footage Shows Woman’s 2A Victory

We talk about the importance of defending your home all the time. Securely storing a firearm for protection inside your home gives you a kind of security you simply can’t attain any other way. Gun owners have known this forever, but a lot of the general public still cringes at the idea of having a gun in their home.

This video is going to change their mind though.

According to law enforcement, the footage you’re about to see is incredibly rare and of extraordinarily high quality. They very rarely get home invasions like this on tape. Furthermore, they pretty much NEVER get ones on tape that clearly show the homeowner driving off the intruder with a gun!

In this video, a woman encounters an intruder in her home, and she does exactly the right thing: grab the gun and stand your ground.

Watch it unfold below:

This is indisputable proof of why people should own firearms and be comfortable defending themselves with them. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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