SHARE Act could come up for House vote this week

An omnibus sportsmen’s package that includes a partial deregulation of suppressors may come up for a vote in the House in the face of strong opposition from gun control groups.

The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, or SHARE Act, only has five sponsors and was introduced at the beginning of the month but was marked up by the House Committee on Natural Resources and discharged by five others last week sending it to the floor. Politico’s John Bresnahan reports the measure could be voted on as early as this week and is expected to pass.

As outlined by its sponsor, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-SC, the package would limit the Departments of Interior and Agriculture from regulating lead ammo and fishing tackle, expand funds for public shooting ranges, open Army Corps of Engineers land to those with firearms, extend federal protections to those traveling with guns and ammo across state lines, relax federal regulator authority on firearms and ammo imports and other measures.

While ordinarily any of the above would garner objection from gun control advocates, it is Title XV of the SHARE Act, the Hearing Protection Act, which is drawing the most flak.

The language would eliminate National Firearms Act requirements for silencers and other sound moderators, scrubbing the information on more 1.3 million suppressors currently registered from the books and refunding any $200 transfer tax paid for them since Oct. 22, 2015. In the end, suppressors would be treated as Title I rather than Title II firearms – which would allow them to be transferred through any regular federal firearms license holder to anyone not prohibited from possessing them after the buyer passes an FBI instant background check.

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