guns in police evidence lockers

Top 5 Guns Found in Police Evidence Lockers (#3 Really Surprised Me)

It probably comes as no surprise that the guns that most often end up in police evidence lockers are those that are cheap and easy to find.

I’m not saying or implying that these guns are good for crime. Rather, these guns are considered “throw away” guns, therefore criminals often use them in the commission of crimes.

Want to find out which five guns top the list? Watch the video below. I’ve also listed the guns below the video.

Revealed: The Top 5 Guns Found in Police Evidence Lockers

  1. S&W Sigma (“Ghetto Glock”)
  2. Luger 9mm
  3. Model 60 .22 rifle
  4. SKS tactical rifle
  5. “Saturday Night Special” (cheap pistols and revolvers often in disrepair)

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