VIDEO: “Why Did You Join the NRA?” – These Answers Will Restore Your Faith In America

When liberals talk or think about NRA members, there’s a specific persona they have in mind. They think gun owners and card-carrying NRA members are all old, white men from some hick town in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, they think NRA members all say and believe the same things. They don’t understand the fact that people can gather together for a common purpose (preserving gun rights), while still having a diverse assortment of reasons for doing so.

It makes it easy for liberals to make fun of the NRA – that’s for sure.

The problem with that image is that it’s not even close to being true. Members of the NRA come from all over the human spectrum, and they’re far from the homogenous political blob liberals make them out to be.

To prove it, the NRA made a video asking a handful of different members a simple question: “Why did you join the NRA?”

The answers will amaze you.

Isn’t it encouraging to see the conviction in these people’s eyes when they talk about their passion for gun rights? Liberals are clearly missing just how complex NRA members really are, because the people in this video are high caliber individuals (no pun intended!)

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